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Zen Zone - Club Vassiliki

Get in the Zone...

This is the ideal place to get in touch with your inner Zen. Our elevated terrace has indoor/outdoor class and self practice areas, with inspirational views over Vassiliki bay.

Pilates and/or Yoga*

Many top windsurfing pros, including our instructors, swear by the benefits of Pilates and yoga to help improve their windsurfing and prevent injury. Both disciplines help develop core strength and stability, posture, balance and flexibility to contribute to overall well-being and long term health.

Classes may vary during the summer, depending on availability of instructors. Watch this space.

Sports & Relaxation Massage

After a strenuous windsurfing session, or simply for well deserved 'me-time', this is the perfect way to unwind or sort out specific muscular issues.

Please note:

*Yoga & Pilates classes and Massage are subject to availability and not included in your holiday price, they are bookable and charged locally.

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