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Dahab conditions

Conditions - Club Dahab

Club Dahab offers outstanding year-round windsurfing with possibly the widest range of conditions you'll ever find in one venue. And because you can choose where to sail, it's ideal for all levels, from complete beginner to the very advanced. Strong and consistent desert thermals funnel through the mountains to provide reliable wind, with over 300 days of Force 4+ a year.

There are three main sailing areas, with the best possible access from Club Dahab:



The protected lagoon is directly in front of Club Dahab and, with its flat water and gentler winds, is ideal for total beginners and the less experienced.

Speed Strip

This huge expanse of flat water with superbly clean winds is ideal for perfecting carve gybes and high wind freestyle manoeuvres without crowding.

Outer Reef

Beyond the outer reef, the truly hardcore will find a perfect wave playground of big rolling swell, ideal for getting the hang of wave-riding and of course plenty of air.

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