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Dahab desert trip

The Blue Hole

imageOne of the most famous diving sites in the Sinai Peninsula, the Blue Hole is literally a midnight blue hole in the coral reef. It is 30m across and drops to a depth of 80m, connected to the open sea through a channel. Unless you are an expert diver, snorkeling over the shallow surrounding reef is recommended and jeep trips including equipment hire can be arranged in resort.

Mount Sinai

imageThis dramatic mountain is reputedly the site where Moses received the 10 commandments during the Exodus journey. A variety of trekking and hiking expeditions can be made in the area of Saint Catherine, but the most memorable has to be a moonlit hike up to the 2,300m summit to get an awe-inspiring sunrise view of the entire peninsula. Then there's the walk down via a stunning ravine of sculptured rock face to fascinating Saint Catherine's Monastery, which dates from 6000 BC.

The Coloured Canyon

imageThis famous canyon is named after the spectacular rainbow hued sandstone from which it is formed in the 50m cliffs. Reached via jeep through beautiful wadi and oasis scenery, trips can be booked on site, with trekking as challenging as you choose.

Cruises and fishing trips

imageSpecially tailored trips can be arranged on the Ganet Sinai's sports-fishing boat, either for fishing or just taking in the sun and scenery and enjoying freshly BBQ'd fish on deck!

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