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Luke and vivi

Luke Baillie - Advanced Plus Instructor 

imageLuke first worked in Dahab in 2005 making a lasting impression, only to return much older and wiser in September 2010. He certainly isn't new to windsurfing Luke has been windsurfing for longer than most, with that experience comes a library of windsurfing knowledge covering all disciplines. He hails from the South West corner of England, where he gained much of his coaching experience at Siblyback lake in Cornwall. A stranger to no aspects of windsurfing, Luke has over his many years within the sport competed in waves, freestyle and racing.

Luke has travelled far and wide with his windsurfing, spending many seasons in the glorious waves of Western Australia, doing his time wrestling with the harsh rocks of New Zealand and some may say, have taught the Aussie's and Kiwi's a few tips!

Luke has been everywhere, he has dabbled in many different sports, ranging from beach volleyball to beer pong and is not without a small competitive streak. He has a Sports Science and Coaching Degree under his belt, furthering his undeniable knowledge and understanding of all things. We can all rest in peace knowing that we definitely have one of the best instructors on our beach.

Luke may be as old as a fossil, but I would bet on him to beat you in a race or a freestyle battle!

Lizzie Smith - Intermediate Planing Instructor

image Lizzie has been in Dahab since November 2010 and a valued member of the team since February 2011. Originating from the windsurfing mecca of Bexley Heath (Kent) it is no surprise that Lizzie has followed in her father's footsteps to become an accomplished windsurfer. Her enthusiasm is unrivalled which has led to her learning at an incredible rate. Lizzie can be found parading her ever increasing skill set in Baby Bay to the concern of her peers who she is rapidly catching up with.

This is one instructor with unlimited energy, coupled with her enthusiasm for teaching others it is no wonder Lizzie has been such a hit.

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