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Top Tuition Team

Our team is quite simply the highest qualified in the world, with over 10 RYA advanced plus instructors - more than you'll find in any centre anywhere! We are also proud to boast that 5 of the UK's top freestylers work for us which means we can teach way beyond the rest. Our instructors have a shared wealth of experience which means anyone and everyone can learn and keep learning with us, from complete newcomer to highly advanced.

Ollie Scott - Club Vassiliki Centre Manager, Pro Coach and Advanced Plus Instructor

imageOllie is a complete all-rounder, having been manager and a top instructor at all of our centres. He's an expert windsurfer, having windsurfed and competed all over the world. He's also an outstanding coach and eager to pass on his expert knowledge.

Sponsors: Club Vass, North, Fanatic, Boardwise, ION, Dunkelvolk, Global Shots

Check out what Ollie gets up to in a busy day at Club Vass: Ollie Scott: A Life in the Day

Max Rowe: Club Vass Pro Coach and Advanced Plus Instructor

imageMax has been a Club Vass leading light for the many years now. He's definitely got the Vass Factor: a great instructor, a huge talent and a leading PWA star. Max's moves are sick and slick he's just incredible to watch, but whatever your level you can learn from him. Sponsors: Club Vass, North, Fanatic, ION, Boardwise, Dunkelvolk

Max in action

Max's site

Marco Wedele: Club Vass Pro Coach and Advanced Plus Instructor

imageMarco is back to join the CV team again this summer. He has been teaching windsurfing for over 10 years now in Germany, Greece, and Egypt. He is a Pro Coach and a top freestyler with some pretty amazing moves, not only on the water but on the dance floor (just call him snake hips)!
Sponsors: RRD, Boardwise, Go pro, Head Zone

Arthur Fox: Advanced Plus Instructor

imageArthur kicked off his windsurfing career on the north Norfolk coast, with much of his free sailing done at Hunstanton. Arthur is a seasoned pro windsurfing instructor; his love of teaching has found him working in Norfolk, Spain, Australia and Vassiliki. With all this experience Arthur will be sure to get you water starting and carve gybing in no time. Favorite moves: Spocks, Grubbies

Edd Seater: Advanced Instructor

imageEdd joined CV in 2011 and within 6 weeks was doing forward loops! Talk about natural talent. His top tricks include shakas and backloops. He's also a brilliant and highly inspirational coach and says he particularly loves 'seeing a guest get a move right for the first time'. Edd truly lives the dream and generally spends his winters windsurfing, with Cape Town his favorite spot to date. Sponsors: RRD & Boardwise

Pip Pardoe: Advanced instructor, Pro Coach

imagePip has been windsurfing since he was a child. In his teens Pip was the UK youth freestyler champion and PWA Indoor Jump champion in 2005. Since then Pip has had a few career changes and after a year away from teaching at Club Vass,  Pip is back to get you blasting on the water again. Pip's style is infectious and is a truly talented windsurfer and coach. Welcome Back Pip!!

Sandy Clunas: Advanced Instructor

imageSandy started windsurfing in Australia with Flying Fish in Sydney; he became totally hooked and hasn't stopped since. This will be Sandy's third season at Club Vass, having spent previous winters in Dahab and Cape Town. Sandy loves teaching people, seeing them improve and all things windsurfing. Sandy is a top freestyler with some big moves like the Shaka and Ponch in his trick book. Sponsors: RRD, Boardwise, Mystic

Sam Green: Advanced Instructor

imageSam has been brought up around windsurfing; he's lived it and breathed it! After years spent on the beaches of Australia and Vassiliki, Sam is an incredible windsurfer with a great talent for teaching the sport. Sam has lived, worked and sailed in great places such as Balmoral Australia, Dahab Egypt, Jerricocorra Brazil and Vassiliki. Favorite moves: Forward Loop, Shaka and No-handed Flaka. Sponsors: Severne & Starboard

Clare Elliot: Advanced Instructor

imageClare started windsurfing 4 years ago and since then Clare has divided time between teaching in Greece during the summers and improving her freestyle in Dahab in the winter. She sometimes sails at home in Devon, UK but it's far too cold! Clare loves teaching all abilities and as advanced instructor has great knowledge of all levels and abilities. Clare's next aim is to start the PWA Tour and compete with the pro women's freestyle and wave fleet. Sponsors:  XPLG Patrik Boards, Sailloft sails, Maui Ultra Fin

Ollie Townsend: Advanced Instructor

imageOllie Started windsurfing over 10 years ago at Draycote Water in the Midlands. To fuel his freestyle obsession, Ollie became an instructor at the age of 16. He worked at Draycote for a couple of years, and in Vass for the past 4 years. Since graduating he has been going on windsurf trips to Jeri and Cape Town during winter. Ollie is a talented Freestyler with many of the new school tricks in his back pocket. He thinks Windsurfing is one of the most amazing sports and that's why he's on a mission to get people excited about it!
Ollie in action

Ivan Newark

imageIvan grew up by the beach on the west coast of South Africa near Cape Town, where he is well known on the local scene as a top local surfer and  an active lifeguard. The Club Vass crew caught up with him in CT during the winter where he also made himself useful swimming after Ollie's lost kit. He has been windsurfing for 12 years now and particularly enjoys full power jumping in big waves alongside windsurfing and coaching in Pozo Izquierdo, Fuerteventura and Dahab.

Sponser: Ezzy Sails, Mystic South Africa, Cape Doctor custom board

Emily Harris Rowthorn: Intermediate Planing Instructor

imageEmily is now doing her 4th season as part of the CV team. She has been windsurfing for a while now and is looking to give the CV boys a run for their money on the water. She has the skills to make windsurfing look really easy and will be working with adult groups and with ProKids this summer.


Maisie Squibb: Intermediate Planing Instructor:

imageMaisie has been an integral part of the Club Vass team for 3 years now. Keen to progress in the sport, Maisie sails throughout the winter in the UK (especially Portland Harbour, which is home and where she also teaches) and Tenerife. Maisie is also a competitor on the women's BWA tour. Her favorite moves include the upwind 360 and Duck Gybes. Other than windsurfing Maisie enjoys nothing more than showing the Club Vass boys up playing football - skills! Sponsors: GA Sails, Swox, and the Official Test Centre

Jamie Howard: Intermediate Planing Instructor

imageJamie has been windsurfing since he was 10 and was instantly hooked. His Club Vass affiliation began during  family holidays to Club Dahab, where he discovered freestyle...he has not looked back since! He spends time in places like Jericoacoara and Cape Town to improve his sailing. Jamie is the under 20 UK freestyle champion and this year he's hoping to get a wildcard entry for the PWA freestyle tour. Sponsors: JP, Neilpryde, Dakine, Bawbags, Fuss 3

Jamie's youtube channel

Charlie Jones: Intermediate Planing Instructor

imageCharlie has been windsurfing for over 10 years, having  started at Bray Lake. Charlie got hooked on freestyle after spending some time in Vassiliki as a Young Gun. He's now throwing down some big moves like Air Flaka's and he's a rising talent on the UK freestyle scene. Charlie Is a cool, calm and constant instructor with 4 seasons experience teaching in the UK and Abroad.  Charlie is also a pro SUP racer competing on the international race scene for all the extra sup tips you may need. Sponsors: Starboard UK, Severne  UK, Bray Lake Water Sports    Favorite moves: Forward Loop, Flaka

Sarah Jackson: Intermediate Planing Instructor

imageSarah started sailing when she was 7 at Astbury Lake, where she started racing aged 9, competing all over the UK as part of the Junior National Squad and in Holland as 2nd youngest in the Techno 293 Worlds. We are pleased to have Sarah on board for her first summer as an instructor at Club Vass, where she has fully embraced freestyle, already landing Vulcans and aiming to forward loop. Her main passion is slalom and she will be training all winter in Tenerife aiming for a place on the PWA tour next year. Best of luck!

Sponsors: Boardwise, RRD, Maui Ultra Fins, Dirty Dog Eyewear


Laura Craig Harvey: Intermediate Instructor

imageIt is now Laura's 4th season at Club Vass and we're so pleased to have her back with her boundless energy and enthusiasm, whether she's teaching kids, Young Guns or adults. Her top windsurfing spots include Vassiliki and St Andrews in Scotland, where she's studying International Relations and hoping to become a travel journalist. Laura loves teaching and especially the satisfaction from seeing someone really get into this awesome sport. She says 'Girls windsurfing is on its way up so keep it up ladies!' - as the Club Vass girls are proving only too well.

Lucy Taylor: Intermediate Instructor

imageWe are pleased to welcome Lucy for her first season teaching at Club Vass. Back home, Lucy's favorite spot is Avon Beach, Christchurch. She loves getting to know new people whilst helping them improve their windsurfing. Her top tricks include Duck Gybes and Racing Pumps.



Ali Paul: Beginner Instructor

imageIt's great to have Ali back on the team for his second season with Club Vass. He says his favorite windsurfing spot is 'Vassiliki - out back'....we couldn't agree more! When he's not on the beach at Vass, Ali studies Chinese at Edingburgh University and he's also a martial arts expert - especially Muay Thai, as you can probably tell from his big guns & pumped pecks. He puts his impressive physique to the test on the water - his top trick to date is the Forward Loop. Ali says he loves being at Club Vass because: 'I get to share unforgettable experiences with people from all over while doing the best extreme sport in the world'.

Nina Smart: Beginner Instructor

imageNina is now in her 3rd season at Club Vass and she's a great member of the beach team, as well as coaching the up and coming talent of Young Guns (specialised kids' windsurfing). One of the things she likes best about instructing is 'seeing a client's smile once they have achieved their goals for the week.' Nina's top windsurf spots are Vassiliki & Dahab - good choices! Nina is studying Textiles at University and one of her aims is to get good at sail repair... She's sponsored by 'The Yeti Shop' and she says 'if I don't see you on the water I'll see you on the slopes'.

And watch this space for more details on the rest of the team....

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