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Summer 2016  Club Vassiliki

"Another wonderful two weeks at Club Vass - great company, great weather, great staff and instructors - it never loses it's magic!!!!" Linda

"We had a fantastic time. Thanks a million - all staff have been exceptionally professional and fun and I have learnt so much."  Heather

"The staff were marvelous with a good mix of knowledge/skill and great enthusiasm- a real strength of Club Vass as ever."  Mike & Thelma

"Very enjoyable holiday. Learnt a new sport and feel inspired to progress with it back in the UK."  Simon

"Everything aches, my hand is bleeding and I think I have sunstroke. Totally worth it for the planing carve gybe....! Thanks to the gang at Club Vass - yet another awesome holiday."  Mark

"Thanks guys for another amazing two weeks at Club Vass, super windy, old friends, new friends, awesome instructors, great kit, super friendly bar and hotel staff, huge Global Rave & BBQ nights all captured (refreshingly) by Globalshot Pictures... Just gets better every year."  Jim

"Thanks from Angela and me for a fabulous holiday yet again this year - it just keeps getting better."  Darrel

"Just finished my week at Club Vass all the way from New Zealand. Fantastic place, great vibe, great coaching and love that wind (Eric) when it blows. Loved the wide range of ages, families, kids, female windsurfers etc. Keep up the great work. I shall forever look out of my turn with a straight front arm....... I had a great time!! Not looking forward to getting into my 3/4 Wetsuit!..." Craig