Windsurfing - Kit

Brand new every year All kit ready rigged and racked Team on hand for help and advice
Kit use included in your holiday price 100% carbon masts; RDM and SDM Full range of specialised kids' kit
Huge choice: over 300 boards and 300 rigs Group tuition included Wetsuits and harnesses for hire


Starboard 2016 at Club Vass


Kode Wave    Kode Freewave   Flare             Futura              Atom IQ                 Isonic



                                     Rio                                                                          Gemini                                             

Fanatic and RRD 2016 at Club Vass


    Skate           Gecko          Gecko BB     Ripper   FreestyleWa   FiremoveWo  FiremoveTe     FirestormWo

Fanatic Beginner & SUP 2016 at Club Vass


     Viper            Viper Air      Fly Air Prem      Ray Air               MonstAIR


Elite Boards 2016 - bookable locally only

   image image  imageimageimageimage

Freestyle Wave Ltd  Firestorm Ltd      Firemove Ltd      Freestyle          Magic Ride      Freestyle

Sails at Club Vass 2016: over 300!

Severne Blade - Control Wave
Severne Gator - Freeride
Severne NCX - Freeride
Severne Turbo - Twin Cam
Severne Swat - Compact Wave
Severne XS-1 - Kids  


Blade              Gator              NCX              Turbo               Swat             XS-1



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Starboard 14
Severne 14