Young Guns

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Young Guns

At Club Vass we actively encourage kids to get involved in windsurfing at all levels. Kids' Clubs provide a perfect introduction, for beginners and improvers, to windsurfing in a safe and fun environment. Once kids reach intermediate level (in the harness and starting to plane comfortably in footstraps in stronger winds) they can transfer to Young Guns where they can progress as far as they wish right up to learning top freestyle tricks.

How it works

Age: From 10 -15

Timing: Young Guns are supervised for the same hours as kids' clubs: 2.5 hours in the mornings and 3.5 hours in the afternoons. Of course the focus will be on windsurfing, but precise timing is more flexible, depending on conditions. We aim to take it at each childs' pace - and they can also join in with other Kids' Clubs activities as they wish.


The focus is on improving windsurfing techniques, with expert tuition and outstanding specialised kit. Our Young Guns' program is tailored to specific kids' needs each week. Some simulator work is included, but minimised so they don't lose concentration. On-water time includes light wind freestyle sessions (which will hugely improve their overall technique) in the morning on-shore and planing practice, carve gybes and high wind freestyle in the afternoon cross-shore.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, transfer to Young Guns (from Kids' Club) and kids being allowed to windsurf in strong winds is entirely at manager's/instructors' discretion.


We have a full range of Fanatic Rippers and Starboard Kode boards and super light kids' rigs, including Severne XS-1 and Hot Sails Maui mini rigs