Young Guns

Young guns

Young Guns

At Club Vass we actively encourage kids to get involved in windsurfing at all levels. Our Kids' Clubs provide a perfect introduction to windsurfing in a safe and fun environment. For kids that really take to it we offer a Young Guns program, to help get kids planing, in footstraps & harness and go as far as they wish, right up to learning freestyle tricks.

How it works

Ages: There is no age restriction, as we find kids' size, aptitude and enthusiasm can vary greatly. We generally find our youngest Young Guns are at least 8.

Where: As our Kids' Clubs, Young Guns are based in the kids' shaded ‘hang out zone'

Timing: Young Guns are supervised for the same hours as kids' clubs: 3 hours in the mornings and 4 hours in the afternoons. Of course the focus will be on windsurfing, but precise timing is more flexible, depending on conditions. We aim to take it at each childs' pace - and they can also join in with other Kids' Clubs activities as they wish.


On-off water: The focus is on improving windsurfing techniques, with expert tuition and outstanding specialised kit. Our Young Guns' program is tailored to specific kids' needs each week. Some simulator work is included, but minimised (especially for younger Guns) so they don't lose concentration. On-water time includes light wind sessions in the morning on-shore and stronger wind practice in the afternoon cross-shore.

Getting planing: Kids will initially learn how to get into the harness and footstraps and how to get planing. Whilst they are learning we often use the larger beginner boards because kids are light enough to get into the footstraps without actually planing. This makes it a lot easier for them to get into the straps once they progress to planing on the smaller kids boards.

No limits: Our more advanced Young Guns can learn anything from Carve Gybes to full-on freestyle tricks, often taught by our Club Vass all-stars such as Andy Bubble Chambers and Max Rowe.

Kit: We have a full range of Fanatic Rippers and Starboard Kode boards and super light kids' rigs, including Severne XS-1 and Hot Sails Maui mini rigs